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Press type nut Insert type nut

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Press type nut & Insert type nut
(Clinch nut/ Spacer/ Insert nut )

│Features of Press Type Nut│

  1. It can be instalied on the thin plates with press-in method
  2. It can be installed not only steel but also aluminum, stainless steel materials
  3. You can get high torque with knurling under the nut
  4. The opposite side of the plate is very flat after pressing the nun
  5. It can be used after surface treatment
  6. The air powered compressure and hydraulic compressure can be used

│Features of Insert Type Nut│

Insert nut is desinged to provide strong wear resistant threads in thermoplastic Materials.
The unique opposing herringbone knurl desing provides exceptional resistance to torque loads.
It is suitable for all molded components made from thermoplastics.

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