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Multi Grip Type Blind Rivet

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  • MaterialAL, SUS, STEEL

[SI Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Multi Grip Type Blind Rivet


A multi-grip type blind rivet is a product which has been developed to have a wide range of fastening with one kind of a product. Depending upon the thickness, substance or application of the base material, a different kind of blind rivets are required, and SI Corporation always offers the best products.

If necessary, the product can also be further developed, so please feel free to consult with our sales representatives.


  1. The multi-grip blind rivet is useful for different applications with varying materials and thickness.
  2. They are good for fastening different materials.
  3. There are many kinds of rivets for different purpose, material and thickness.
  4. Even a non-professional can easily handle the fastening process.
  5. Structures are fastened securely.
  6. They help expedite work and reduce operational cost.
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